New Build Gardens

News at Trigghomes | 07/08/2023

Gradual Growth of New Build Gardens

The demand for gardens and other private outdoor spaces has grown since the pandemic, when we all re-learned their value – whether as a refuge to relax in or an opportunity to extend our homes with garden offices and outdoor entertaining areas.

There is a popular belief that new build homes come with tiny gardens but the evidence suggests that since 2020, homebuilders have been gradually expanding the size of gardens.

Compared to 10 years ago, gardens of new build detached homes are 18% larger today. For semi-detached homes they have grown by 20% and in terraced houses, by 10%.

The number of searches on Google for 'garden rooms' has risen by 27% since 2019 and for 'house for sale garden' by 47%. Housebuilders, it seems, have tuned in to the zeitgeist. Source: #Dataloft 2023, Google Trends