Easter Eggs for Children's Ward at St Marys

News at Trigghomes | 10/04/2023

Trigg & Co, the Island's best-known estate agent, made headlines recently for their Easter egg donation to St Mary's Hospital on the island. The estate agent donated over 100 Easter eggs to the hospital, which were distributed among children in the pediatric ward, other wards, and to the dedicated nurses on duty over Easter.

The 100 Easter eggs donated by Trigg & Co were warmly received by the staff and patients at St Mary's Hospital. The children's ward sister Rachael Murphy expressed her gratitude and said that the donation would go a long way in putting a smile on the faces of children who were receiving treatment at the hospital.

Trigg & Co's Easter egg donation is just one example of the estate agent's commitment to giving back to the local community. The company has been involved in various charitable activities and initiatives over the years, including supporting local schools and sponsoring community events.

Trigg & Co's Easter egg donation is a heart-warming gesture that brings joy to children in the local community and serves as a testament to the company's commitment to giving back.