Announcement – Rent on Time Scheme is Suspended for New Landlords and New Tenants

News at Trigghomes | 19/03/2020

As a direct consequence of the Coronavirus crisis, I am sure that you are aware that the Government announced last night that the UK will stop all private tenant evictions for a period of at least 3 months. It is likely that this period will be extended.

Tenants directly impacted by Coronavirus are being afforded more protection under proposed emergency legislation which would shield them from eviction for a period of three months (and which may be extended) in the event of them failing to pay their rent.

Given the potential that the virus could affect high percentages of our population, we are navigating through unchartered waters. As a result, I am afraid to announce that the specialist provider that we work with to offer Rent on Time to landlord clients of Trigg & Co will no longer accept any new Rent on Time business with immediate effect and our Trigg Rent on Time team will not be accepting any new requests to cover additional properties/tenancies, also with immediate effect.

Rent on Time has been a key element of the Trigg & Co proposition to our Landlords from day 1 of our lettings business. We are very sorry to have to suspend the scheme but cannot continue to offer it without the provision from our partner, Let Alliance. We are in unprecedented times, and events are moving fast beyond our immediate control. However, we are relying on our core values to come through this crisis for the whole country and we will always put our customers first.

Those Trigg & Co tenancies already on the Rent on Time scheme are not affected by this announcement.

Keith Trigg