Covid19 testing for the Isle of Wight

News at Trigghomes | 16/02/2021

One of the particular ways in which Trigg & Co are able to help our clients, is to recommend the contractors and tradespeople that we use personally and who serve our business well.  This is especially helpful when preparing your property for sale, completing work when you first move in, handling routine maintenance along the way - and especially for landlords with rental properties to maintain.  We know who the 'Trusted Tradesman' are on the Island and are happy to pass on our recommendations.

We don't usually publish and promote the names of the people we deal with because they usually have more than enough work to get on with from recommendations, without advertising.  However, the current Covid emergency has brought us into contact with an Island business who we believe are worthy of a helping hand and being brought to the attention of the community we serve.

Blueline Security Management Limited has launched a service offering rapid Covid-19 testing which provides results in as little as 15 minutes.  These quick results can help home movers, travellers, companies and families who need to organise Covid 19 testing, helping to proactively reduce the risk of transmission on the Island.  Alongside any negative results obtained, Blueline Security can issue certification to confirm this, should it be required for work or essential travel purposes.

In light of the Governments latest travel restrictions, port authorities’, airlines and the majority of countries now require a PCR test and the relevant certification to enable travel which is now a legal requirement for any business travel or for emergency reasons. This test is also something that Blueline can offer.

At present, Blueline have a very wide range of tests available each with their own purpose. Below we outline the types of test offered, what they are best used for and the costs so that you can have a better idea of which test may be right for you.  

Anti-gen test: This is a rapid test, which gives you a result in 15 minutes. The majority of port authorities and some countries for entry via air accept this anti-gen test. Once the swab has been carried out and a result achieved,  a certificate can be provided as proof of your result, which can be used for essential travel (where accepted). This rapid tests has 99.68% sensitivity as opposed to many cheaper rapid tests whose sensitivity is much lower. MHRA accredited.  £74.99+VAT

PCR test: The majority of countries will accept this test for entry via air. The test is carried out by Blueline’s trained staff and the swab is then sent off to their lab for testing. A result is then provided within 48 hours of the test being carried out. This test will need to be completed within 72 hours (dependent on your destination) prior to landing in the country of travel. As soon as a result is received from the lab, certification with your result. Will be provided. UCAS accredited. £130+VAT

Anti-body test: This test is able to determine whether you have already had the virus and this will be picked up via a small blood sample taken from your finger. A result is again, virtually instant and will give you the peace of mind as to whether you have already been exposed. Please do bear in mind; it is possible for you to have the virus more than once. £85.99+VAT

Testing for children: Also on offer are tests for young children with a ‘spit and gargle’ pot. The test is carried out in the same way as an adult’s rapid test using the same equipment but does not have the nasal swab procedure, which for children is much more comfortable. £59.99+VAT

Blueline are more than happy to come to you to carry out tests and are happy to discuss costing if testing is required on a larger or more regular scale for local businesses or companies. Their trained staff will always come wearing full PPE for your peace of mind and payment is made via bank transfer to limit contact.

You can find more information on Blueline Security’s coronavirus testing service by contacting or calling 07823 346910.