Reasons to use Trigghomes


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Largest Property Showroom

Our Modern Comfortable Showroom has the latest technology and offers a comfortable environment for customers and staff alike.

We sell and rent property all over the Island from our modern showroom environment – with FREE parking directly outside. In fact, we sell more properties from our showroom than any other Isle of Wight estate agency office.

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Contactable 8am - 8pm

We are open when most island agents have long closed. Longer opening hours means more chance of finding a tenant and a better price – and means your home experience fits into YOUR busy schedule not around the times to suit us.

With our local team of experts, we go the extra mile to get your home let and that’s how our business keeps growing.

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Property Tours & Social Media Posts

To achieve the best price and the fastest let, your property needs to attract the attention of as many tenants as possible.

Video is a great way of doing this. Not only is video effective on the most popular property websites, but it’s also the best way of grabbing interest on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

That’s why Trigghomes include 2 separate attention-grabbing videos in your marketing pack - one for use on all the property websites and another specially made for social media.

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Service Doesn't Stop When We Find a Tenant

Unlike many estate agents, we know that the hardest work often starts after the right tenant has been found. Communication, communication, communication are our watchwords.

We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring all references, safety certificates, and all relevant paperwork are in place so you know what’s actually going on right through to the move in.

We have been recognised as being in the Top 5% out of 26,000 estate agents in the entire country by Rightmove & The Property Academy. We are the only estate agent on the Isle of Wight to achieve this.

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Property File - Keeping you informed every step of the way

Using your My Property File you can stay informed 24/7 from the application stage right the way through to the end of a Tenancy.  We let you know of important events such as referencing status when inspections are booked and maintenance issues. 

All tenancy documentation can also be found here. 

Using any device, the secure login system gives you access to all vital information whenever and wherever you may need it.

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Stunning Brochures & Professional Photography

Serious buyers look carefully at the property particulars, both on-line and in brochure format. Attention to detail matters.

Your home is showcased in our stunning brochures with clear precise descriptions, useful floorplans and that all important professional photography.

Unlike other Island agents we have a full time professional photographer who will make your home stand out head & shoulders above the rest.

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100% Rent Guaranteed Every Month 

Have you ever dreamed about receiving 100% of your rent on time from tenants, every time? At Trigghomes we can make your dreams reality through our unique Rent on Time scheme. Once you have become one of our valued clients, we can offer you your FULL rent on time, every time.

Rent on Time does exactly what it says on the tin; pays your rent on the rent due date no matter what. It guarantees seamless cash flow on your property portfolio as it will pay the rent on time, every time, even if the tenant defaults! You can rest easy in the knowledge that your monthly rental payments are guaranteed.


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Range of Services

At Trigghomes we work on a bespoke basis to deliver the services and the value for money a Landlord needs, we can provide peace of mind and the returns you expect.  

To assure you that your property is in safe hands we can include pre-letting advice, property marketing, tenant assessment, rent collection, arrears management and regular property inspections with a detailed report as standard. 

We can also offer a bespoke range of insurance services to both Landlords and Tenants.

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Dedicated Property Management Team

We always meet your Tenants face to face we don’t just reference them, we feel it is important to assess their suitability for your property by personally meeting them and you can be certain that we will handle everything right from the start of a Tenancy. 

We know your tenancy arrangements inside and out and will make sure that your best interests are always looked after

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Property Compliance & Maintenance

At Trigghomes we know exactly what is needed and will keep you fully informed and up to date on the latest compliance regulations as they change, always keeping you one step ahead. 

We can arrange any of the necessary compliance checks and our trusted trades are known to us personally and are happy to provide a rapid response if required for any compliance or maintenance and repairs.  Ensuring both Landlords and Tenants can fulfil their responsibilities.