New year new home

News at Trigghomes | 11/11/2023


The new year always brings fresh energy to the property market, with many people using the start of a new year as a milestone and a time to make a change.

With many people having the same idea, The market in January can be overcrowded, making it more challenging for sellers to stand out and in turn reduce your chance of finding a buyer. Therefore, considering a different strategy, like listing your property in November, can have its advantages.

November is the perfect time to not only beat the rush of the January boom but also to get your property marketing up and running before you put up your own Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations can make your home look inviting to buyers during the holiday season, keeping them within your marketing into January or beyond can give the impression that the property has been on the market for an extended period. Buyers might wonder why it hasn't sold, potentially leading to skepticism or concern.

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