Company Cars that really deliver the goods

News at Trigghomes | 03/04/2020

Estate Agents are famous for loving their cars and wearing nice suits – but these are truly extraordinary times.

Keith Trigg on his rounds!

Clipboards, briefcases and cameras cleared away, it has been our absolute pleasure to put something back into the local community.

So this week has seen our team in their jeans and jumpers working hard and putting the Trigg & Co car fleet to work delivering food and vegetables for some of the most vulnerable Island residents.

Managing Director Keith Trigg said: “In what has been a pretty rotten week, our guys have all volunteered to help out with deliveries of essential supplies to those people who can’t get to the shops right now.  It was a very easy decision to put our company cars to work to support them in this really vital effort.

I am proud of them all – being local, we all care about the Island and it’s amazing sense of community spirit”.