Bungalows proving very popular with buyers

News at Trigghomes | 12/04/2023


Bungalows are a popular type of home in England and Wales and represent 9.3% of the housing stock (5 million properties). 8% of homes sold in the last year were bungalows and the most popular month for sales was March, with 10.6% of all sales. 

Bungalows offer the greatest potential increase in energy efficiency of any housing type, through improvements such as insulation and solar power. On average, bungalows currently have the potential to increase energy efficiency scores by 36%. Other houses typically only have the potential to improve by 30% and flats by 10%.

Popular locations of recent bungalow sales have mainly occurred along the coast and include Bournemouth, Bognor Regis, Leigh-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea, Norwich, Sunderland, Blackpool, and Rhyl. 

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