Let’s talk about a valuation…

There has been some really wild and unhelpful comments in the media about the possible impact of a ‘hard’ Brexit on house prices.  Alongside this, we are constantly told that there is a national housing shortage with 300,000 new homes needed every year.   Like all facts, things are not always quite want they seem.

The reality is that the UK is not a single ‘national’ market but a mass of very localised markets, each with their own characteristics of supply and demand.  What’s more, even in the financial crash of 2008 when liquidity dried up and mortgages were incredibly hard to arrange, house prices didn’t fall by anything like the 35% postulated by Mark Carney in his hard Brexit  ‘forecasts’.  Back in the real world, people are getting on with their lives and planning to do what is best for their families and working through their carefully made life plans.

So what is your property worth?  If you are planning a move, that is the first question to ask.  Even if your moving plans are much longer term or just an idea at this stage, getting an up-to-date valuation is very useful and allows you to really understand what is happening in the local Island marketplace.

Here at Trigg and Co our expert valuations, carried out by our local experienced staff, are FREE of charge, without obligation and at a time that suits you.  We will back up our valuation with facts not waffle and won’t over-inflate the value of your home just to try and win your business.

Treat Yourself – You might well have seen our latest  leaflets which have been going through Island letterboxes in the last week.  Why not get your home valued?

If you are thinking about a move or just want an informal valuation please give us a call on 01983 525710.

‘Let’s talk about a valuation”.

Best regards,

Keith Trigg